About Us


The Mississippi Writing Center Association was founded in 2000. You can read more about the early years of our organization in this issue of Southern Discourse which featured a history of the first five years of MSWCA written by Kathi R. Griffin.


The Mississippi Writing Center Association (MSWCA) promotes the study of composition, rhetoric, and multiliteracy within academic and nonacademic communities in Mississippi by offering opportunities for faculty engagement, tutor training, and collaboration. MSWCA membership includes directors and staff of writing centers and others interested in writing centers from public and private institutions across Mississippi. Participating organizations may include universities, colleges, secondary and primary schools, or community writing centers.


Our organization is affiliated with The Southeastern Writing Center Association. SWCA was founded in 1981 to advance literacy; to further the theoretical, practical, and political concerns of writing center professionals; and to serve as a forum for the writing concerns of students, faculty, staff, and writing professionals from both academic and nonacademic communities in the southeastern region of the United States. A member of the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA), an NCTE Assembly, the SWCA includes in its designated region North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, and the American Virgin Islands.

The SWCA also hosts an annual conference typically held in late February. You can learn more about their events here. Be sure to ask MSWCA members at our conference about our experiences attending SWCA and IWCA conferences and events.