Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of MSWCA?

Membership is linked to conference attendance. To become a member, just attend one of our annual conferences.

What benefits are associated with MSWCA membership?

Membership grants voting privileges within the association and makes one eligible to serve on the board. Additionally, members frequently collaborate with other members to solve institutional and local challenges, providing creative thinking and the value of additional perspectives.

Is there a cost associated with membership?

The fee for the annual conference covers membership.

Is MSWCA affiliated with other organizations?

Officially, no. However, we’re pretty chummy with the Southeastern Writing Center Association and the International Writing Center Association, and some of our board members also serve on their boards.

Who should I contact with questions about membership?

The current Chair and Vice-Chair can help with membership questions.

Who are the board members and how are they selected?

Board members are selected through the nomination of potential candidates at the annual conference. Most board members serve two year terms.

How do I get involved with the annual conference or other events?

Really simple, attend! We’re always interested in meeting new members in the region.