Ways to Participate

Join Live Sessions

These sessions (hosted on Zoom) will be led by a moderator/speaker (or groups of moderators) on a preplanned topic. Each session will follow the same format. The moderator(s) will introduce the topic and briefly share lessons learned and resources based on their own experiences. Then, participants will be invited to join breakout sessions and tackle discussion questions/prompts to produce/share ideas of their own. Finally, the moderator will end the session with a full group discussion where participants share their small group insights and a repository of collective ideas and resources will be recorded and shared. Our website will host individual links to join these topical sessions. Click here to view the program schedule and attend live sessions.

Submit a Writing Center or Writing Life Hack (by March 8)

A portion of our programming and resource sharing will be offered asynchronously online in the form of short multimedia presentations or resources that we are calling Writing (Center) Life Hacks. Life hacks are those quick, small tips or tricks for how to approach or carry out a task that may seem simple… but, once you learn them, make your life SO MUCH EASIER. What have you or your team learned over this last year that’s changed your way of thinking about or doing writing center work? Are there tips or tricks you could share for the practice of academic, professional, or personal writing in these times?


  • Develop your submission in whatever way makes sense to you, but please be sure to explain your WC hack, demonstrate the hack, and link your audience to resources to help them implement your hack. 
  • You might show how to use a tool or technology, prepare for or manage a task, a routine that has helped you successfully work or write from home, a mini review of some kind of research idea, an “a-ha!” moment you had — the possibilities are endless and we invite you to be creative.
  • We welcome group, partner, or individual submissions.


  • Videos (both audio/visual components) – 5 minutes or less; provide .mp4 file and a script file (.docx) for subtitling
  • Podcast (audio only; recording) – 5 minutes or less; provide .mp3 file and script file (.docx) for accessibility
  • Visual/graphic (handout/document) – 2 page maximum for content; provide .PNG .PDF and/or .docx file(s)